Thursday, 1 February 2018

Share the Joy Monthly Linkup - February 2018

Welcome to Share the Joy Monthly Linkup for February. Thank you for everyone that joined us in December 2017. If you this is your first time visiting this linkup, Share the Joy is the happiness-focused linky.  Bloggers, writers, artists, poets, if creating something made you laugh out loud, opened your heart, raised your spirits or just made you smile – you’re welcome here.

A huge 'Thank You' to Lizzie and Carol for hosting the last couple month of 2017. They have decided to focus on other projects in 2018 but I am sure will be linking up in the future. Amanda from The Family Patch and I have made the decision that this linky will be monthly instead of the weekly as previously. This will allow us to spend more time focusing on reading the linked up blogs posts and sharing with our readers or followers on social media. On the 1st of every month, please stop by here at LadyBug Home to linkup.
January was a month filled with lots of small moments of joy and taking the time to think about what myself and family focus will be in 2018. My family goals still need a new defining but I decided on January 1st that I wanted to be more focused and productive this year. I often find my thoughts bouncing from one goal or project to other without making proactive progress on any goal or not recognising the progress. 

Monday, 13 November 2017

Joy of Cuddles - Share the Joy Linky

The greatest joy that I felt this week was cuddles with my children. I recently started working at a new job and I am really grateful that this job allows me work evenings and weekends so that I can still do the school runs, go on school trips, and have lazy days at home during week with my son. It also makes me appreciate more cuddles with my children. I also think my children appreciate me a little more since I am not around 24/7 now. My son normally meets me at the door when I get home from work and instantly wants to jump in my lap for mommy's special cuddles.
I love trying to soak up my son's body warmth and touching his soft hair. It fills my tired body with love. I also sneak into my daughter's room in the late evening to give her a small cuddle while she is sleeping but my favourite cuddles are in the morning when she has just woken up. My almost 6 year old barely fits in my lap anymore but I am filled with joy and pride of my beautiful daughter when we cuddle. I hope my children always want hugs from their Mommy.      


Monday, 8 May 2017

Life Update May 2017 on Ladybug Home YouTube

April 2017 was a month filled with lots of quality family time. Many hugs from my parents as they visited from the USA. We visited several local towns and prepared for Easter with crafting. We made several of my favourite Mother's recipes. I have shared on Ladybug Home YouTube Channel a little more details about what is happening around the LadyBug Home in April.  
These days my biggest project is focusing on the Christmas Magic Today blog. I feel extremely blessed that three of my favourite bloggers have agreed to join me at Christmas Magic Today to publish new content and share in the excitement as we prepare for Christmas 2017. We have also started a new collaboration video series with "Weekly Christmas Questions" on the Christmas Magic Today's YouTube Channel. We would love for new blogger and vloggers to join in as we countdown to Christmas 2017.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

2017 The Sibling Portrait Project at Ladybug Home

We are joining for a 3rd year of the "The Sibling Portrait Project" that was originally created by Lucy of Dear Beautiful. I am excited that a couple new co-hosts have joined the team including Donna from What the Redhead Said. On the 15th of each month, I join a group of bloggers to document the very special relationship between brothers and sisters. This also creates a visual timeline of how quickly our children are growing up.

Search #SiblingsProject on Twitter and Instagram or follow @siblings_photos on Instagram to view the monthly collection of photos.

The Me and Mine Project

February 2017
Big Sister is officially now 5 years old! I truly do not know where the last 5 years went. Big Sister is still loving school and counting down the days until Grandma and Papa come visit. She loved her superhero themed birthday and received lots of new craft kits. She has been making greeting cards for family and friends almost daily. Big Sister loves writing new words and trying to read books. She wants to try football (soccer) in the Spring.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Home Life Project - January 2017

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "The Home Life Photography Project - January".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Saturday, January 14th, 2017

This month is focused on recovering from Christmas season and preparing for Little Ladybug's birthday. My beautiful and brave girl is turning five years old this month. Our Saturday started with a filming a video together about some of the party supplies for her upcoming birthday party. We had no plans for the day and so it was a purely a day to relax around our home. My children have no issue finding activities to keep the busy around the house. They spent the morning dancing to music, finding uneaten Christmas candy, rearranging the decorations on our New Years' tree, and watching tv while sitting on their balance bikes. Afternoon activities included looking through my jewellery and makeup in the bathroom and discovering the magic of static electricity. Little Ladybug soon found random pieces of paper to create a "troll". It was day filled with laughter and relaxation. We definitely need a "no plans" weekend day at least once a month. 
"My Super Hero"

Monday, 2 January 2017

Weekly Life Updates 2017 on Ladybug Home YouTube

During Summer 2016, I decided to start filming weekly "life updates" for the Ladybug Home YouTube Channel. These weekly life updates were a chance to take a few minutes each week to record what had happen the past week around our home, share some of our family adventures, and interesting new discoveries (books, strollers, artwork, etc.) I am always grateful when friends stop by to watch these updates but also know that my mother loves watching them. Life can get very busy and I don't always have uninterrupted time to talk to my parents each week. This is great way to share life moments with them.

Monday, 5 September 2016

The Home Life Project - September 2016

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "The Home Life Photography Project - September 2016".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

We did not join in on The Home Life Project for August because we were busy enjoying the summer holidays. We did vlog our Summer Adventures over on our YouTube Channel if you want to see where we went and activities around the Ladybug Home. The below photos are from the last weekend of Summer and last couple days before Little Ladybug (LL) heads off to big school for the first time.
Love Playing with Blocks

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Home Life Project - July 2016

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "Home Life Photography Project - July 2016".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Saturday, July 2nd and Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

I decided to document the whole weekend because it was filled with new adventures but also reflection of how quickly my children are growing. We started Saturday with a session of running around the backyard and digging in the sandbox. While my son had his first haircut on Friday, my daughter has only had about one inch cut from her hair in her whole life. I love seeing her blond baby curls at the end of her long hair. 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Surprise Indoor Picnic Lunch - National Picnic Week

June 11 - 19th, 2016, is National Picnic Week and we have been wishing for sunshine so we could have a picnic in the backyard. Unfortunately, we are having a typical British early summer weather with burst of sunshine but mostly rain and clouds. 
Ladybug Home - National Picnic Week
My daughter loves having a picnic and especially if it inside on the living room floor where she can invite all your cuddly friends. I thought I would surprise her with picnic lunch. My sweet husband took my Daughter and Son off to the grocery store while I quickly headed to the kitchen to create food that would be perfect for little hands. 


Monday, 6 June 2016

The Home Life Project - June 2016

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "Home Life Photography Project - June 2016".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Sunday, June 5th, 2016

I awoke on the Sunday very cheerful due to the lovely bright morning sunshine beaming into our home. My son started the morning by climbing into his favourite armchair and getting cosy with one of my cameras. He loves pushing the buttons and looking at the screen on the back. I always love to see what images he has captured. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

The Home Life Project - April 2016

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "Home Life Photography Project - April 2016".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Sunday, March 27th, 2016

I must admit that I am still a little confused by the fact that Easter was in March this year. I always look forward to celebrating Easter in early April. I really love when we have cheerful seasonal decorations around the home so I am displaying some Easter decorations for a little bit longer this year. For this month, I was going to try to document the first weekend in April but it was a weekend filled with husband trying to recover from back pain and daughter fighting a tummy bug. There would have been lots of photos of sleeping children and a messy home.

I have decided to instead feature our Easter Sunday filled with lots of colour, fun and chocolate treats.

Friday, 25 March 2016

My Childhood Easter Memories

As we prepare our English home for Easter Sunday, I can not help thinking about my happy childhood memories of Easters growing up in USA. My parents would create a Easter Sunday that was filled with hunting for colourful eggs, pastel coloured candy, yummy food and special gifts to prepare for Spring days.


Monday, 7 March 2016

The Home Life Project - March 2016

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "Home Life Photography Project - March 2016".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

I decided to document a Thursday in our home this month. I spend most of the day chasing after the Littles Ones and trying to put the house back together after numerous different play activities around the house. We started the day with putting the last screw into Little LadyBug's new bunk bed and then got ready for a friend to come over for a cup of tea. Little Ladybug got a yummy dough from Daddy at lunchtime. The afternoon was filled with packing backpacks for an imaginary airplane ride to the USA to Grandparents House. We did some Easter crafting also. I edited a video in the evening before finishing up working next to a sleeping boy.

Monday, 8 February 2016

The Home Life Project - February 2016

Joining Clare from Maybush Studio with her "Home Life Photography Project - February 2016".  This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month.

DATE: Sunday, February 7th, 2016

We were really looking forward to a relaxing Sunday around the house. We have all been fighting illness the last two weeks and all needed a restful day. On Saturday, we had a exciting day celebrating Little Ladybug's birthday with her friends. On this Sunday, I made some heart-shaped cinnamon rolls and finished decorating for Valentine's Day. We nibbled on some leftover cookies from Little Ladybug's cookie making party. After lunchtime, I sent husband to Argos to get a new storage unit of Little Ladybug's room and one step closer to our goal to organise and declutter our home in 2016.

Monday, 4 January 2016

The Home Life Project – January 2016

When I read about Clare's (Maybush Studio) new "Home Life Photography Project", I was instantly interested in joining in. This monthly photography project involves documenting your daily life for one day per month. My selection of photos below feature my children but I hope in the future to show other parts of our home and daily life.

DATE: Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

A lazy day around the home with the addition of Auntie (my twin sister) visiting from the USA.


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Siblings - December 2015

Joining in with the last "Siblings" Photography Project for 2015. I love watching Big Sister's and Little Brother's relationship during the last year.
It has now been a year some Little  Ladybug was given the title of "Big Sister". She has moments of wanting Baby Brother to leave her toys alone but majority of the time she loves having her Baby Brother around. She calls him "My Bubba" and often says "He is just TOO cute!". 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Thankful List 2015

Thanksgiving Day (USA) is a day filled with yummy food, spending time with family and most importantly remember all the reasons that you are "thankful". I try to remember daily how blessed my life is but sometimes life is so busy and overwhelming that I forget. Below are the reasons this year that I am thankful:

HEALTH I feel very blessed that my family and I are healthy and well. As winter comes, we all will probably get the occasion cold but no one in my immediate family are fighting life-changing illness.

HUSBAND I have a very supportive husband that loves me on my good and bad days. He listens as I express my endless frustrations or worries about life but is also the first person I share exciting news with. He is an amazing father to our children and brings lots of happiness into our lives. I appreciate that he has the pressure of financially supporting us.

DAUGHTER My sweet girl promoted me to the title of "Mother" almost 4 years ago. Everyday she surprises me with our imaginative stories and questions. Her loving hugs brings sunshine into the cloudiest days. She forgives me if I am having a stressful day or not as patient with her as I should be. She is an amazing "Big Sister" (most of the time).

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Siblings - November 2015

The Big Sister and Little Brother relationship continue to strengthen and evolve each month. This photo is one of our favourite new "siblings" photo because it was ordinary day that turned into a special moment when Big Sister and Little Brother got to sit next to each other and travel around the grocery store. Little Brother was smiling the whole time.


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fireworks Painting at LadyBug Home

Happy Bonfire Night! Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Happy Fireworks Night! Since I did not grow up in England, I am new to the excitement for November 5th. It seems that fireworks started exploding around England a week before November 5th and continues a week after. We took our daughter and son to their 1st Firework Show on October 25th, 2015. 
I was not going to take my children to a bonfire or firework show today but I wanted to do a fun craft project to celebrate the day. My daughter LOVES to paint! So making pictures that were inspired by fireworks was the plan of the day.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Little Ladybug: Growing Up & Potty Training

My Little LadyBug (LL) became officially a "Preschooler" this September (2015) but honestly I did not have the traditional feelings that most Mothers have when their child goes off to Preschool. I read lots of sweet blog posts about how fellow bloggers were in tears as their children started Preschool or were off to First (Primary) School this Autumn. They wrote about the changes happening in their daily routine and how much they missed their son or daughter. I could understand but not relate because my daughter's may have now been officially a Preschooler but actually our lives had change very little.

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