Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Superhero Snap! Card Game - Illustrated by Jason Ford Review

Recently, we were sent the newly released Superhero Snap! Card Game that is illustrated by Jason Ford. I am always looking for new games or activities for Big Sister and allow us to spend quality family time together.
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The Superhero Snap game has been played many times over the last couple weeks. This set of snap cards of 52-card feature thirteen different illustrations of superheroes and villains. Each card has a word that is an imitation of a sound. Our favourite cards included the words: DING! WHOOM! HAHAHA!. There are superhero girls and boys. The villains include monsters, mad scientist, robot, aliens, and other fun villains to discover.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Top 10 Travel Must Haves for Little Superheroes #MarkWarnerMum

Since my hometown is on the West Coast of the United States and my husband's hometown is in England, we knew when we got married that we would be flying across the world many times in our lifetime to spend time with our families. We have never let the challenges of flying for over 10 hours with children stop us from flying with our children when they were little. My daughter's first flight was at 10 months old and son's first flight at 9 months old. We are very lucky that our children love the excitement of flying in an airplane.  Although they have several stamps in their passports, we never had the opportunity to take them on sunny European holiday.
Ladybug Home 2017 #MarkWarnerMum Family Blogger Ambassador Application - "Top 10 Travel Must Haves for Little Superheroes"
"We are going on Superhero Missions"
I love reading about my fellow bloggers' holiday adventures with Mark Warner Holidays that involve snow skiing or warm beaches, fruity drinks by the pool, and creating holiday magic for their children. Mark Warner announced their 2017 Mark Warner Holidays' Family Ambassador Programme last week and I instantly knew that we were ready to demonstrate why we would be perfect as a #MarkWarnerMum. They have asked for bloggers to share their "Top 10 Travel Must Haves" this year.


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

GIVEAWAY: Win 1 (One) Superhero Cape - 3 Winners

In our home you will not find any princess dresses but instead of many superheroes capes. My very imaginative 5 year old daughter would gladly be a superhero character everyday of the year. She often recruits her little brother to be part of her Justice League. Some days she is Batman (never Batgirl) and other days Captain America. If you listen to talking to her imaginary friends, she is often discussing going on adventures to save someone or solving a crime. She loves running fast as the "Flash" and pretending to throw webs from her wrists like "Spiderman".

On Monday, February 13th, 2017, Mark Warner announced the submission requirements for the 2017 Mark Warner Holidays' Family Blogger Ambassador search. The topic this year is "Top 10 Travel Must Haves". I can think of a long list of "must have" items for traveling within UK and internationally but it was important our blog entry also reflected the personality of my family.  Due to the superheroes fun in our home, we created a video titled "Top 10 Must Haves for Little Superheroes" and corresponding blog post.
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