Sunday, 29 April 2018

Paradise Wildlife Park - World of Dinosaurs

We recently were invited to experience the World of Dinosaurs at the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. My children love dinosaurs and were very excited to see the UK's biggest dinosaur attraction. There is over 30 life-size animatronic dinosaurs that are life-size and roaring or making thrilling sounds.

Before entering the World of Dinosaurs main area, we first jumped aboard the Rex Express train that takes you near the dinosaurs. It was £2 per person and we really enjoyed the experience. It allows you to see some of the dinosaurs up-close and to see how my youngest would respond to seeing the animatronic dinosaurs in action. You don't necessary see any additional dinosaurs than you will see walking through the World of Dinosaurs attraction but my children enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Kidtropolis, London - October Half-Term 2016

UPDATE: We attended Kidtropolis 2016 on Tuesday afternoon. It is always a special treat to be able to spend extra time with Daddy (Husband) during the week and we enjoyed the friendly staff on the DSL trains on the journey to the ExCel Centre, London. This was the 1st Kidtropolis event and it had some definite challenges. I had been pre-warned via Twitter that there was some issues with long lines for several of the activities. My daughter was looking forward to see Paw Patrol (never saw) but otherwise had no expectations. The long lines were mostly focused on Little Pony bus, Nerf, and climbing wall. My daughter was either two young for long queue events or not interested in visiting the Little Pony bus. 

Daughter enjoyed having her face painted and making a dream catcher. Little Brother played with the trains at the Bigjigs stand and enjoyed the soft play area. Even though my children did have fun, they could have had these same experiences in our local town centre during half-term events. We were given free tickets to this event but spent close to £60 for trains and dinner at the train station. I probably need to see major changes to event to attend in the future. It was not worth this year the ticket or train costs. I have shared a video of afternoon at Kidtropolis on LadyBug Home YouTube Channel. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Our Ideal Family Weekend Away - #JoulesExplorers

After counting down the weeks, days and finally minutes, the “Ideal Family Weekend Away” starts with locking the front door of our home and heading out for a family adventure. We feel the excitement of saying goodbye to ordinary daily life and not knowing exactly what new sights, sound and tastes are awaiting us. As Son, Daughter, Father and Mother, we all have different ideas of what makes an ideal family weekend away.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

UK Adventures: Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk

On Easter Sunday morning instead of attending a modern church, we spent the morning walking around the magnificent ruins of Castle Acre Priory, King's Lynn, Norfolk.  The church was consecrated sometime between 1146 and 1148. Additions were added until 1537 when priory dissolved by Henry VIII. Source of Information

Friday, 3 April 2015


A year ago, Mr L and I took Little Ladybug to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (Dunstable, Bedfordshire) for the first time. We went on a windy March day and bought tickets for the day but quickly decided to purchase an annual membership.  The annual membership includes entrance to ZSL Whipsnade and ZSL London and is worth the value if you plan on visiting at 3 or more times a year. Under 3 years old is free.

We have made many memories at Whipsnade Zoo the last year.  We have been informed by email when an elephant, giraffe, pygmy hippo, and red panda were born. We have watched the baby lemurs play with their mothers and aunties away from the males.

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